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Reflective Questionnaire 1

  1. Take some time to think about inquiry learning and information literacy. Now write down what you know about it.

inquiry learning

  • I seem to recall  ‘learning by doing’ somehow equates with inquiry learning
  • Independant and guided learning take place, rather than recall and regurgitate                  
  • Is best when related to real life or life like activities

information literacy

  • A relatively newish term applied to the ability to recognise the need for information then being able to effectively source that information and utiilse it

(hmmm that’s all I’ve got for now….time to start some readings)

2. How interested are you in this topic?  ….quite a bit

3. How much do you know about this topic? ….. not much (well I probably know more than I think I do and hopefully my memory will be jolted into action once I start researching).

4. When you do research, what do you generally find easy to do?

  • Find general information
  • Interpret what is required from a task
  • Pull common threads together from diverse sources

5.  When you do research, what do you generally find difficult to do?

  • Find specific relevant information. Sometimes I can spend hours searching for something in particular so I am really looking forward to honing my research skills in this subject

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