1. 1. Take some time to think about your topic. Now write down what you know about it.

inquiry learning

  • There is an Inquiry model for almost every occasion, most of them reflect Kuhlthau’s Information Search process and the most useful ones have a cognitive and affective component to them
  • Researchers agree that Inquiry Learning engages students on a deep cognitive level but is something that should be introduced (at primary level)in scaffolded levels
  • One of my favourite quotes from the research is ‘all inquiry is not created equal’, there are different levels of inquiry activities and a plethora of videos and kits that demonstrate and encourage ‘best practice’
  • Teachers need to be supported when initially introducing Inquiry into their classrooms as they too experience the ISP process and this is where teacher-librarians and their specific skills come in.

information literacy

  • An ability to access or retrieve information, whether it is online, in a book, in someone’s memory. Then to comprehend that information and to utilise it in a way that helps to answer the initial questions and even to formulate new ones

2. How interested are you in this topic? A great deal

3. How much do you know about this topic? Quite a bit

4. When you do research, what do you generally find easy to do?

  • Use Boolean operators and conduct specific searches
  • Access databases and retrieve specific information by narrowing down searches
  • Synthesize information and make it relevant to my needs, present it in a logical manner
  • Link specific ideas to the ‘bigger picture’
  • Reflect on what I have read or discovered (this is a necessary process for me when my brain is feeling too full) and keep or reject ideas and information as it suits.

5.  When you do research, what do you generally find difficult to do?

  • Decide on a focus and not be distracted by other interesting looking information
  • ‘work smarter’ see my blog post about this
  • Remember to save websites, links and other information needed for reference lists
  • To STOP and remember when enough is enough

6.  How do you feel about your research so far? Confident – I think I know where I’m heading


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