TechnoPush – An Inquiry Learning Project


This video discusses the learning experiences of a class of year 4/5/6 students as they participated in the TechnoPush Challenge. It was designed mainly as feedback for parents to describe the learning experiences that students participated in and was included in the E-NEWSLETTER:-

“Jacqui Hinshaw has been completing a research project for her university degree and has offered to share her BLOG. The 4/5/6 class and TechoPush project were the basis for her project and she has put together an amazing analysis of the Inquiry learning that the children were involved in. If anyone is interested in having a look this is the link: may also click on the two previous posts on this site, these explain the whole process in greater depth.” KH


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  1. Wow Jacqui! Your presentation was entertaining, interesting and informative. The start was interesting to start off with the definitions; however I could see how this would be important and valuable when doing this presentation to other teachers.
    Your comparisons of the inquiry models were honest & thorough. I really liked the inclusion of photos and your references to HOTS.
    Amazing your grade 4/5/6 students wrote 5 times more of their questionnaires than my Year 11’s did. This only confirmed for me that my students were capable…they just couldn’t be bothered……classic teenage behaviour!

    • Thanks Chan, I have to de-identify the school & the students but I am sure you will recognise lots of your boy’s work in there! It was such an amazing learning experience for them all.

  2. Very impressive Jacqui. Queensland is using the Symphony of Learning which is basically an electronic version of Bloom’s Taxonomy which could be useful. Great presentation – amazing the work you have put into this presentation.

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