Questionnaire / Reflection Sheet 3

  1. Take some time to think about your topic. Now write down what you know about it.

I know that Inquiry learning can be an extremely valuable method for students learn a wide range of skills and in particular to develop a deep understanding of content. It can be a risky undertaking for teachers as they need to give up some of their long held beliefs about methods of instruction and act as a ‘guide on the side’ rather than a ‘sage on the stage’ but the benefits for students are great, including:

  • Developing skills through social interaction
  • Linking learning to real life and constructing meaning that they find valuable
  • Gain independence in research and learning and develop a strong sense of accomplishment
  • Experience a high level of motivation and engagement and come to a greater understanding of the affective domain of learning
  • Gain skills that are transferrable to learning situations outside of school

2. How interested are you in this topic? Check () one box that best matches your


Not at all not much quite a bit a great deal

3. How much do you know about this topic? Check () one box that best matches how much you know.

Nothing not much quite a bit a great deal

4. Thinking back on your research project, what did you find easiest to do? Please list as many things as you like.

The easiest thing for me was to:

  • select an ILA to investigate
  • set up a blog page
  • Write in a scholarly manner
  • Give feedback to group members

5. Thinking back on your research project, what did you find most difficult to do? Please list as many things as you like.

I found two main things difficult and challenging:-

  • Finding the hours needed to meet the requirements for this subject, I felt like I was behind from the start and this subject has been the most demanding of my Masters so far in terms of hours required just to keep up & complete set weekly tasks, do readings & lectures, and then the assignments required enormous commitments of time.
  • Technology- I found Jing easy, Evernote so/so but doing the video & trying to upload it with the sound embedded required me to use my technology ‘guide on the side’. Doing the blog on WordPress was OK as I had used it before but there were often finicky things like one table not uploading properly, having to revert to using HTML to make font size consistent that were time consuming and annoying to fix

6. What did you learn in doing this research project? Please list as many things as you like.

I have learnt so much it would really be difficult to list them all. When I first began this subject I had a vague idea that Inquiry was something about learning by doing & my understanding is now much more sophisticated than that. The thing that stands out for me from everything I have researched and written is the inclusion of the Affective domain as part of the learning process. Although I had experienced this for myself on many occasions when I first saw Kuhlthau’s model of the ISP it was like a revelation. This is what will stay with me most from this subject and what I will use constantly when guiding both students and my own children through the Information Search Process


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