Hi, I have been teaching for the best part of twenty five years. I began as an Art / English teacher in a High School in Queensland and did this full time for 15 years. During this time I was Head of Department for The Arts (Art, Drama, Music and Instrumental Music). Ten years ago I moved to the North Coast of NSW and had 2 ‘gap years’ from teaching where I worked as an assistant librarian in a public library. Since then I have worked as a casual teacher (combining motherhood and work) in primary schools. I also work as a University Adviser which means I get to go into schools and supervise students on practicums. I love doing this as I get to see so many exciting teaching practises and new ideas.
I began my Masters Degree majoring in the Teacher-Librarian strand in attempt to combine my loves of education, literature and literacy and as a means of becoming more proficient with technology. This blog is part of a Masters project on Inquiry-Learning where I will document my own learning and also study a group of Stage 3 (upper primary) students as they engage in an inquiry-learning project.


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