This page will contain links to useful inquiry-learning sites and resources that don’t always make it into my general blog.

I discovered a great online workshop about Inquiry- Learning that is produced by Thirteen ed online. See below.

It gives a good general overview of the different types of Inquiry, benefits etc. Also there are other aspects to the website worth exploring, i.e. the history of Constructivism.

I found this book very interesting reading with regards to inquiry within a science clasroom.

Book Cover

Steve Olson and Susan Loucks-Horsley, Editors(2000) Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards: A Guide for Teaching and Learning; Committee on the Development of an Addendum to the National Science Education Standards on Scientific Inquiry; National Research Council

I really like this youtube video about inquiry learning.It gives a great overview and definition and relates specifically to the teaching of HSIE / SOSE. The animation in it is very clever and even though there are some spelling errors it is well worth having a look at.

Information Age Inquiry

About the Website Authors

This project was created by Danny Callison, Ed.D, and Annette Lamb, Ph.D. It combines resources from workshops and previous publications along with original works.

In particular, it draws on materials designed for the L551/S574: Information Inquiry for Teacher course taught since 1992 at Indiana University and the online version of this course developed in 2003 for use at Indiana University at Indianapolis. It has been updated each year since that time.

About the Book

Much of the website is based on materials from Key Words, Concepts and Methods for Information Age Instruction: A Guide to Teaching Information Inquiry by Daniel Callison (2003) and THE BLUE BOOK on Information Age Inquiry, Instruction, and Literacy by Daniel Callison and Leslie Preddy (2006).


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  1. Love the You Tube vid, Jacqui (and the presentation of the entire blog).
    I’m a high school maths teacher in QLD, particularly looking for resources for Yr 8 maths. Have you come across any suitable resources?

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